What’s good fellas. This is Marcus coming in for the majority of this segment.. Now lets get to the basics.

1.  Labeling:
It’s important to give this event a name. Hence…  “Men’s night out.” This way your significant other will know that something is going down this day. And she ain’t included. It’s all about the label guys. Plant the name and event.

2. The Setup:
Ok guys… The goal is to plan men’s night out in advance. I’m talking about weeks in advance. If you are really trying to execute, plan it a month in advance. Here we go…. You want to speak about this men’s night out in advance so when the day comes there will be minimum lip poking out. Listen closely. Are you still there? Just making sure. Now talk about this men’s night out at least every single day. Almost like classical conditioning. You get it? Ok, let’s move on. Speaking of this event on a daily basis will prepare your spouse or significant other for your pending departure or shut down of all activities not related to men’s night out.

3. The Big Event:

Ok guys. Now this doesn’t have to be you going out with the fellas or anything elaborate. You can just play your playstation for a few hours or head to the gym. The main thing that you must have accomplished before getting to this point is the continuous mention of this day approaching.  Remember what I said earlier guys?  There will be minimum lip poking out with the proper execution.  And with the proper execution, there is no specific time or date required.  Just drop it on em.  It doesn’t matter.  Now check this out… You can be brushing your teeth and mention your event at the same time.  Don’t be shocked either guys!  She won’t even be caught off guard with it.  You know why?  It’s been planted.  Just like a little seed.  You have meticulously discussed that you would be doing something weeks or months in advance.  Hey! You can even spring it on her on your way out the door for work or on your way back.  You should be covered.  With minimum lip poking out!  All because you have “Labeled” the event and you have provided lots of “Setup”. 

4.  Results:
Remember, this isn’t some type of ploy you are playing to get your way with your spouse or significant other.  Think of it as healthy communication.  You have provided copious amounts of “heads-ups” in preparation for Men’s Night Out.  Both sides will be happy.  One side will just be a little happier.   Guys, you have been talking this up for a long time.  So when Men’s Night Out arrives, take the time to reflect on how you made this happen and enjoy the moment.

5 thoughts on “The Secret to Planning Men’s Night Out:

  1. I'm sorry but there must be a specific date and time mention! You can't prepare me for something without actually preping me for when it will take place. For instance, you telling me that guys night out is approach, will only elicit me to ask, “When?, Where?, and with Who?”


  2. Thank you for the response Alicia! Definitely see where you are coming from. I'll speak for some men who have been with their significant other for a long period of time…Most of our best friends will be that significant other we see daily so Men's Night Out won't always be considered a getaway. The outlet could be cranking up the Station or pushing some weight. Very boring, I know! -Marcus


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