How to Prepare for your season

Hi guys,

I hope that all is well. Today I’m coming to you with a reminder to stay positive even during a season of drought.  I believe that being without is a state of mind. We often lose sight of things we have when we focus on what we don’t have.  When you take time to evaluate the things in your life that are of actual value, you then realize in most cases you’re better off than you thought. Life is set up in seasons. Some seasons are flourishing full of life and abundance and others are dry, lacking nourishment and attractiveness.  It’s what you do during these seasonal moments that affect your mindset. Below are a few suggestions for managing some of your seasons:
  1. Change your mindset. Don’t focus so much on what you don’t have. Think about the things you do have. Material things come and go but possessions that don’t hold a price tag should be your main focus.
  2. Find a workout regimen and prep healthy mealsweekly. Living a healthy lifestyle can relieve stress physically and mentally. This will also allow you to put energy into something that’s positive while bettering yourself as a whole.
  3. Invest in your spiritual relationship. Find a good daily devotional. We absolutely love the Our Daily Bread app.  This app loads monthly devotions and it also has an audio feature where you can listen and multitask. 
  4. Stay humble. When times are good don’t forget how you got there and where you came from.  Tell your story to inspire others.  Share the good news!

Share some of your stories with us in the comments section. 

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