Goals and Aspirations

There is so much power in visually listing your goals and aspirations. When you actually see and read your goals out loud you condition your mind for your destiny.  Annually, before going into a new year we like to write down a list of goals for the upcoming year along with five year goals. After writing the list we pray over it and post it up on the fridge as a daily reminder.  It feels so good when we check a goal off our list. We celebrate each goal with a touchdown dance or a special dinner.  The size of the goal doesn’t matter when creating this list. Big or small, each goal is achievable.  We don’t expect to complete all goals that are listed within one year, so you can always roll them over onto next year’s list. No pressure. Don’t set time limits. Just go with the flow and keep grinding. The less you focus on time limitations the better. Just make the list, post it, and run with it. Check it occasionally just to see if there is something to mark off but don’t pour so much time into completing each goal.  Share some of your goals and aspirations with us in the comments section.   

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