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Today is Thursday, June 22, 2017. As I sit here I can’t help but backtrack over the past month of events. I’ve been hospitalized and in doctors’ offices for an entire month! Let’s rewind to the beginning of the month. …

Story Time: Test of FaithFresh from a beautiful road trip to south Florida and extremely exhausted I sat in our din to catch up on some TV. I began to notice blurriness in my vision. Just thinking that it was tiredness; I turned the television off and headed to bed. The next morning I wake up to more blurry vision. Washed my eye out and nothing changed. The following day I realized that the color was a little off in my left eye and it was super blurry by now. I begin to lose sight of words and facial features. So… we decided that I should see my doctor who then referred me to an optometrist.  After two eye exams, pain, and feeling like I was about to lose my vision completely I was admitted into the neurology unit at the hospital.

Two MRIs, a spinal tap, and 5 infusions later I sit here and wait for a possible diagnosis. The doctors named all the possibilities and in my heart, I felt fine the entire time because something in my mind told me to “be still.”  Honestly, my thoughts were on what the dinner tray had on it that night and the NBA Finals lol. I was at peace because I prepared mentally for this situation and I had no idea that it would occur.  My biggest challenge was the thought of not being able to read to my baby girl every day or to see her sweet little face as clear as the day she was born.

This process has been very life-changing, to say the least. I have decided to take the positive route because I have too much to be thankful for. Often things are taken away in life that we may question or not understand.  When my vision began to fade away I told myself that God would make my path clear as he would my vision. He will guide me out of this and whatever the outcome I knew for sure that it would be okay.

Every day someone is diagnosed with some type of disease and I never imagined that I could possibly fit into that category. What makes me so different? Right…. The moral of this story is no matter what hits you in life you have to keep pushing. Keep living. Continue to stay positive. And just relax!! Easier said than done I know but it’s a daily process you have to strive for.

Some things we have no control over but for those things that we do have the power to change, we must do so.

I have challenged myself and I will challenge you today to do something to better yourself. Engage in literature, exercise; enhance personal goals, improving your diet, etc. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks because at the end of the day you have to do what makes you happy. Live for you!! Love you guys!! Thanks for stopping by.

Oh and I forgot to mention that my vision has returned in my left eye!!

Note to the reader: Do not hesitate! Seek your healthcare provider if you notice something irregular physically or mentally. Stay on top of your health and listen to your body.


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