Today is the beginning of a new series where we are featuring entrepreneurs. Our goal is to inspire individuals that are in a rut with their business and need an extra boost to get back on track, or someone who may have an idea and simply needs a little inspiration.  Today our spotlight is on Kimberly Roye, the owner of Love is Baking.


Kimberly is a full-time statistician/cost analyst, wife, mom of two (Micah, 7, and Harper, 2), and owner of Love Is Baking, an in-home bakery specializing in cupcakes, cakes, and cookies for every occasion.  She is a self-taught baker who strives to use the freshest ingredients in her desserts.  She and her family live near Charleston, SC.

1. When did you first discover a love for baking? Who or what inspired you?

I think my love for baking bloomed as a young girl helping my mom bake desserts for the holidays.  My mom’s specialty was her red velvet cake and sweet potato pies.  She was such a perfectionist when it came to her baking, but would still allow me to help hold the mixer, measure out ingredients and, most importantly, lick the spoon when she was done mixing. Such awesome memories!

2. Your designs are amazing! How do you come up with the ideas for your cake and cookie designs?

Pinterest!!  Often, customers have designs in mind that they have seen on Pinterest, and they will send them to me.  Other times, I get inspired by something I see online and then put my own spin on it.

Love is Baking



3. Where did the name “love is baking” come from?


I had the hardest time coming up with a name for the business.  I’d come up with something cute and clever and then find it was already taken.  My husband and I were sitting in church one Sunday as our pastor was teaching a sermon titled, “Love Is…”  My husband wrote on his note sheet, “Love Is…Baking.”  It stuck.  When I think of fun times with family and friends, there is always dessert involved.  Always.  Baking is love and love is baking.

4. What was your favorite dessert creation and why?

My favorite dessert creation is my lemon raspberry cake.  It was one of the first cakes I put on my menu.  It was also the first cake my mom and dad had of mine and really loved.  It’s a lemon butter cake with raspberry preserve filling and lemon cream cheese frosting.  I love any desserts that incorporate fruit.  I haven’t made it in a long time.  I think I will make one soon!
Love is Baking Love is Baking


5. Not only are you a talented baker but you’re a mom and a wife. How do you balance it all?

Preparation is key for me.  I utilize my calendar on my iPhone to put orders and pick-up times in the calendar with multiple reminders.  Each Sunday, I review my calendar to see what orders I have coming up to determine what I need from the store and when I need to start working on decorations.  Usually, each day of the week, I will plan to accomplish a task that will set me up for success on the weekend when most of my orders are due.  I will measure out dry ingredients into Ziplock bags, so I can quickly mix up cakes and get them in the over.  I do most of the work after the kids are in bed.  Most orders are picked up on Saturday or Sunday mornings, so I still have plenty of time to do fun activities with my family when the orders are out the door.


6. Do you have any advice for other mompreneurs out there looking to start a small business?


Love is Baking

Don’t let fear stop you; let it push you forward.  I have wanted to start a baking business for years.  When we lived in Maryland, I wasn’t allowed to operate a licensed in-home baking business, but thankfully, the laws are different in South Carolina.  I could no longer use the law as an excuse for why I couldn’t pursue starting my own business.  There will be many reasons a mom can come up with that will justify her not doing something that will stretch her.  The question I asked myself was this:  If I don’t at least give it a shot, will I regret it 10 years down the road?  That answer was yes for me.  Yes, it is a lot of work.  Yes, I make mistakes and have to bake a cake twice sometimes.  The joy that people express when enjoying a dessert that I have put so much effort into makes it all worth it.

7. Name two things that motivate and drive your business?


Love is Baking

My family and friends motivate me and drive my business.  I lost my mom in October 2012 to stomach cancer.  She was such a hard worker (in and out of the home) and NEVER complained. I get that determination and perfectionism from her.  I want my kids to see me doing something that I love and respecting my ability to juggle my full-time job and my side business, while also helping them with their homework and spending quality time with them.  I research dessert trends on Instagram and Pinterest to stay current.  I watch YouTube videos to teach myself new techniques.  My friends send me pictures and videos that give me additional inspiration and ideas.  They all want me to succeed, and that makes me want to work harder to ensure my success.


8. Where can we connect with Love is Baking if we’re in need for a sweet treat?

Love Is Baking is based out of Mount Pleasant, SC.  You can follow Kim on IG: love_is_bakingand on Facebook: Loveisbakingsc.  Email me at for quotes and additional information.

Love is Baking Love is Baking

Love is Baking Love is Baking

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