Hi guys! We are back with another entrepreneur spotlight. This is the third segment of our series that highlights individuals who aren’t afraid to take a leap of faith to achieve their dreams. Today we’re shining our light on Bradley Green, owner of the Ice Cart.  He’s a bass guitar playing, Georgia native husband with two adorable kids. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing story and how he unexpectedly became a business owner.


1. What was the deciding factor in becoming an entrepreneur and opening your own business?

As planned as it may seem, I truly feel like I slipped up and fell into entrepreneurship as a business owner. I’ve pursued entrepreneurship as a musician but not as a retail business owner. I’ve always played bass at a church and held a 9 to 5 until 4 years ago. After losing my job I was pushed and determined to work towards entrepreneurship as a musician. 3 years later I find myself making pops and later applying for my business license.

2. You seem to have a prime location in Covington, Ga. What made you choose your current location?

I started off making pops in my kitchen at home. However, once I began the application process for my business license I learned that I needed to create our pops in a kitchen other than my home. That’s when I began to look for places that would work within my business budget. Upon looking I ran into our current location. I asked the previous owner if they would be open to letting me use their kitchen to make our pops. It was then that I learned they were actually selling the shop. Things worked in our favor and that’s when we began to call it home for our pops.

3. You’re based out of Covington but the Ice Cart is known for its pop up shops. Name your favorite pop up shop and why?

What’s great about having a pop business is that it can be mobile; this was one reason I decided to try it. We do all types of events and the one that stands out more is “Events with Music”. I’m a music lover so I get the best of both worlds at the “Events with Music.”

4. What was your biggest challenge during the building process and how did you overcome it?


Coming up with the right flavor and texture was a big challenge. When making pops one key element is getting your pops to freeze fast so that your texture doesn’t feel like you’re biting into a big cube of ice. Doing the research and spending a good amount of time in the kitchen gave me the right solution to create the right pop with the right texture; a rare texture that I’m very proud to call our own.


5. The Ice Cart pops look so delicious! Give us the scoop. What are your flavors?

We currently serve strawberry, pineapple, and a strawberry and pineapple mix pop.

6. Besides pops, what else can we expect on the menu?



Our goal is to offer healthy treats for our community. This coming season of 2018 we plan to add some all natural ingredient juices to our menu, so stay tuned.


7. Your slogan “taste and see” is so catchy. What is the story behind this phase? How did you come up with the name for your business?


I’m a firm believer in God and realize that his hands and favor is over my life and business. So taste and see comes from Psalms 34:8. Being that we are a Christ-centered business we hope that you can taste and see the light when you taste our pops.


How do we get our name? It was very simple. We started by serving pops out of our mobile push cart for events. So our name simply comes from our mobile push cart.

8. Lastly, Where can we keep in touch with The Ice Cart?


We are very social and you can find us on all media outlets

Instagram: @theicecart

Twitter: @thaicecart


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