I am so excited about today’s post! If you are a new reader, welcome. We have a new series on our blog that highlights individuals who aren’t afraid to take a leap of faith to achieve their goals and aspirations. Today we’re shining our light on Carnisha Daniels and Brittany Darby-Smith the owners of House of Melrose. These phenomenal women put their creativity together to produce an amazing retail brand that is on the rise. HOM offers more than fashionable merchandise; it provides inspiration while spreading the good word! Keep reading to learn how these childhood friends launched an online powerhouse.

House of Melrose

Here is a little background of the women behind House of Melrose:

They are best friends who have known each other since high school. They’re both vivacious and creative women who have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and strive to be more like Him daily. Carnisha and Brittany are notorious for being funny and laughing all the time.

House of Melrose

Carnisha is very optimistic and makes great efforts to spread more positive love. Brittany has the biggest heart she will pray for you and give you her last literally! They both are family oriented and support each other in all areas of each other’s life.

House of Melrose
Carnisha Daniels and Brittany Darby-Smith

“We know that God is Love and want to spread His love as much as possible. “

Carnisha and Brittany work well together. Carnisha focuses on the newest trends in fashion and marketing and Brittany creates the inspiring wear yielded by her heart. These ladies balance each other when planning events, photo shoots, and ordering new shirts. If one founder goes overboard with the budget or implementing too many new concepts the other gives gentle reminders to get on track.

“It’s like we are yin and yang. We intertwine our visions to make Holy Ghost magic.”

House of Melrose

“That’s why it’s FUN to create inspirational clothing for the world to enjoy. Our biggest downfall is both having multiple jobs and finding the time to create, produce, and sell the inspirational magic. :)”

Their best-friend bond, great work ethic, ability to collaborate and passion for Christ fosters House of Melrose. Who they successfully coincide with their inspiring brand.

“We are great success independently and phenomenally dynamite magic makers together. “

1. I love how you incorporate positive and inspirational messages on your apparel. What inspired this theme?

Our idea for inspirational clothing definitely started back in 2014. This was a very popular and trendy time, people were starting to put random slogans or memes on clothing and rock it as a part of their outfits.

House of Melrose

We thought about how cool it would be to actually use inspirational things and sayings. To use something that gives a positive impact on clothing and does it in a fun, chic, and fashionable way! BTW, be on the lookout for our Christ de la Christ sweatshirts, (a playoff of creme dela creme,) insinuating Jesus is the cream of the crop, the best! You can rock this sweatshirt with tattered skinny jeans, leggings, and skirt with thigh high boots, etc…

Our motto, “Inspiration is a lifestyle” coupled with our desire to be chic and timeless inspires much of our clothing.

2. Your company name is so dope. How did you come up with the name House of Melrose?

Thank you! We truly appreciate that. House of Melrose was derived from the fun, fashion-forward and upbeat California environment that you get when you shop on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

Melrose Ave is where you go and find all your fun and unique pieces that you can’t find in a typical mall.  That’s what House of Melrose brings “Inspiration in a unique form!” A lot of times people don’t stick to gluing fashion, Jesus and Inspiration together, but we do.

3. What is your favorite t-shirt design?

Our favorite t-shirt design is our FIRST design. Our Rated PG (praying girls) design, it’s definitely an original piece and foundation for HOM. When this design was created we were like WOW that’s dope and the customers agreed. At our initial launch, we received the most compliments for this design and purchase orders (the men folks wanted one… it’s coming soon). When we see a lady with our Rated PG shirt on we think, yep, that’s a House of Melrose original piece! It’s our first baby!

House of Melrose

4. Your business is approaching 4 years soon!! What is your biggest team accomplishment?

Our biggest team accomplishment would be having people who we hold high ask us to create more personable designs for their grand events. It is humbling to see people in your fashion at their event(s).

P.S. We do create inspiring chic clothes we don’t sell on our website for orders of 15 or more.

5. What advice do you have for someone looking to go into a business partnership? Name two important characteristics you should look for in a potential business partner?

Going into a business partnership can be challenging at times for various reasons, whether it be scheduling conflicts, different ideas, and things of that nature. But having a business partner who at the end of the day has the same goal in mind, same morals, same values, and the same drive to push each other is very important. I love being able to get into a creative space and feed off each other’s energy. The celebration moments we share together when you create something special is unique. I truly believe you can get so much more done with two instead of one!

House of Melrose

Communication is the biggest key to any relationship business or personal so building that foundation has to be established in order to be effective. Respect would be the second thing I would say is an essential part of a business partnership. You have to respect each other while understanding that a disagreement will come up but it doesn’t have to be bad because sometimes this allows you both to reevaluate. You just go back to the drawing board and come up with something EPIC together. Make sure that whoever you involve yourself with, you are equally yoked!

6. Name something that motivates and drives you? 

Carnisha: Fashion and design ideas you have come to life motivates me definitely! Being a part of the fashion industry for over 10 years I have grown and learned so much, but the best part would be merchandising a look and have people ask for the entire look that you put together. How exciting is that?! Seeing people wear and get excited about House of Melrose motivates and drives me at the same time to continue to create!

House of Melrose
Carnisha Daniels

Brittany: I love creating the garments worn. I love the process of creating, researching creating, revising and reproducing my idea. I like to pair the newly created clothing with other apparel and I love styling people. I love to create moments (that magic) when putting our designs with everyday chic looks. I’m motivated by the creating, the planning, and driven by seeing the vision come to life.

House of Melrose
Brittany Darby-Smith

7. What advice can you share for someone looking to start a small business?

Be consistent! It’s simple. When people don’t see results fast enough they stop and allow other things to take up their time. Consistency and Patience is the key to perfect timing. Pray about the moves you make and listen to Him for guidance. God will open doors that you never saw coming in your obedience, consistency, and patience.

8. Lastly, Where can we purchase one of these beautiful tees? How can we stay in touch with the House of Melrose?

Yes please visit us at www.homtease.com or follow us on IG: @house_of_melrose_  and  join our FB page: House of Melrose

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