Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog. We have been putting a lot of focus on entrepreneurs lately but today we are changing it up. If you have plans of joining the corporate sector this post is for you. Today we are giving you interview tips for a corporate job. Keep reading to discover how we break down all the steps needed to potentially land a corporate career.


Do your research thoroughly on the company.

  • Look up leaders within the organization
  • Review their background and contributions to the company
  • Know who the leaders are by name and face if you can
  • Identify the mission and vision if available
  • Try to locate company goals or strategic plans
  • Do something that sets you apart from the rest of the competition
  • Create an interview portfolio: certifications, letters of recommendation, cover letter
  • Leave small thank you a card at the reception desk




Attire is important when interviewing and that first impression is a big deal…
Some of the best interview colors are typically navy blue, charcoal gray or black.·         Navy blue suits would be my recommendation for an interview.  There are many combinations that can be paired with a navy suit. If you have trouble with matching, Pinterest is an amazing app that can help you match your clothing.

A charcoal gray suit offers great color combinations and a pronounced look for an interview. Stay away from all black suits (This is the most common used color. The object is to stand out) Navy blue has always been a winner and a favorite interview suit of mine. An extra tip is to always wear brown or burgundy shoes with your navy suit. Brown and burgundy colors will accentuate your attire much better than black shoes


Interview Time:·

Firm handshakes with great eye contact at the beginning and end of the interview. Try your best to remember everyone’s name on the panel (if there is a panel format). Don’t be afraid to ask if the interview question can be repeated.

STAR approach for one on one interviews:

  • Situation– What was the situation
  • Task– What was the task you had to complete
  • Action– What action did you take to get the job done
  • Results– What were your results

Try to engage the interviewer with an eager conversation. Show a willingness to learn and grow within the position

Completing the Interview: 

Gauge what type of follow up question you would like to ask. If you had a panel interview, feel out who you thought was the most engaged and ask them your follow up question. If you have done adequate research on the company, you may be able to ask a great question pertaining to training opportunities, company projects, or strategic plans.

What next?·

Send your thank you emails immediately following your interview. Remember it is a win-win situation because you landed an interview, you got a chance to market yourself, and you have gained more interview experienceEach interview brings on a new experience, no matter how many places you have interviewed.

These are things that have worked well for me. Of course there is no guarantee but these tips will better your chances of standing out amongst others. We hope this post was beneficial to you. Let us know what you do to prepare for corporate interviews. Feel free to join the discussion below in the comments.
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  1. This post was awesome!! I read it twice, and the second time I took notes. I look forward to reading more of The Daily Dose 101 post. Keep up the great work!!!��


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