Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today I would like to speak to someone who may be battling with making the decision to stay on a job that you know isn’t a good fit for you. There is something within nudging you to leave this position or job but you aren’t sure what to do. Understand that you are not stuck in this job and that you have many options you can create for yourself.

Staying in a job that isn’t fit for you can create more problems than benefits.  Consider your mental and overall physical health.  At the end of the day is it really worth it? Do you want to live to work or work to live? You have the power to change this situation.

If you read our previous post on “The Day My Vision Became Clear” you saw me mention that we all have the power to speak things over our lives. This is very true but on the same note, we also have to put in the work. What are you doing today to position yourself for the next move? If it is a promotion or a new job you are seeking; what tools are you applying to make yourself stand out? Click here to check out our post on “Helpful Tips for a Corporate Interview”.  This post has the entire essentials needed to step your game up and land the next big position.

A vital piece for making a change in your career is networking. Creating organic relationships with people who are in your desired field is essential prior to making the big jump. You want to connect with these individuals because they can give advice, while simultaneously gaining insight into your field. These relationships will also assist with your decision process.  Building good relationships will serve as a valuable networking tool and link to potential opportunities that may capture your interest.


I will share a small example of how creating a good relationship with individuals can create positive networking opportunities:  A resourceful community project was dumped off on me and I was deemed responsible for connecting the program with stakeholders, selling the objective of the program, and monitoring its success.  I could quickly tell that the last person working and serving as the point of contact on the program had little buy-in and lost interest in making the community project a success.  Researching my newly assigned project and gauging what it meant to the Department head who assigned it to me was important.  Figuring out ways to make the program work, I set up meetings with program leads, established goals, educated the program partner on vital functions of the agency, and I took working on this task seriously.  To make a long story short; I was eventually summoned to report out my progress on connecting this community project with stakeholders.  I was working hard on this project but didn’t think the Department head would ever ask about my progress.  Something that helped me report out on the project was answering these few questions:  “How many meetings were held”, “What was discussed during the meetings”, “What was the outcome of the meeting”, and “What did I do to further the program”?  Although the community project wasn’t able to move forward, I was able to complete a robust report detailing all my efforts.  These 4 questions may help you manage big programs or projects as well.  Jot them down to see if they help you stay focused on your goals.

During the time working and serving as the point of contact for this program, I learned many valuable things:  Give 100% in everything you do, build positive relationships with the people you are tasked to work with and don’t withhold knowledge that can help others achieve great things.  Putting my heart into this project has granted me a new professional friend that has been willing to share their professional insight whenever needed.  Additional connections with future opportunities have also been established because of the collaborative work we shared.  Remember to use a challenging moment as a chance to create an opportunity.

In closing, never be afraid to reach out and ask questions needed to obtain information for business or personal gain. In doing this, you build a solid foundation for future growth. Thanks for reading with us today. Join the discussion below and let us know how this post helped you. How has networking enhanced your career opportunities?  We are very social! Click these links to follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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