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We have partnered with to give you our essentials for toddler learning. We recently received great feedback from our previous blog post centered on toddler advice so today I want to share more tips and information that may be of help. We absolutely love learning time in our home. Our little one could read, count, and spell before the age of two. Now that she’s two she knows shapes, colors, ABC’s, and can read about 15 to 20 words. If you’re interested I would love to share some of the things we’re using to enhance her learning.

We began reading to Maya while she was in the womb and since birth. Thanks to her grandparents and Dad she has a pretty awesome collection of reading materials. She absolutely loves reading and I can’t resist when she walks up to me with her book in hand and says “read to me.”

Along with reading books, we love to incorporate flash cards, sorting activities, coloring, homemade crafts, puzzles, play and music time, outdoor adventures, and educational television. Her flashcards cover the alphabet, animals, shapes, colors, objects, and opposites.  I also like to draw things on paper and have her tell me what she sees.


Recently we’ve discovered I absolutely love that this site covers science, math, social studies, and so much more than I can offer her. is great for children ranging from two to eight years of age and it is a great tool for stay-at-home parents and afterschool learning. They offer more than 2,000 books, games, songs, puzzles, and art activities. The beauty of this program is that it gives each child the ability to learn at their own pace. is a kid-friendly subscription-based program that is completely ad-free; it allows kids to learn alongside their parents or alone.  Click here to enjoy your first month FREE!

Feel free to share any tips you use to enhance your children’s learning in the comments below.



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