Let’s face it ladies there comes a time when you just need a little oxygen, a little breathing room, and space from it all. We love our spouse and children dearly and enjoy spending time with them but at some point, a mother needs her time as well. You pour so much of yourself into the care and wellbeing of your household now is the time to pamper yourself. Here are a few suggestions for relaxation for you busy wives and mothers: (Feel free to indulge a little)


1.  Take a trip to your favorite nail salon and spa. Indulge in a good manicure and pedicure. After all, you deserve it right!
2. Visit the hair salon and get the works!! Get a new hair color or cut. Pamper yourself. Change it up.
3. Join the gym. I’ve always found it therapeutic to take an aerobics class. Here you will have a great time, make new friends, release some endorphins while staying in shape.
4.  Soak in a warm bath. Light your favorite candle, pour a glass of wine, play soft music, and add lavender oil to your bath. Trust me this will be extremely soothing.
5.  Read your favorite book or find a new book.
6. Call up your girlfriends and enjoy a lunch or dinner date.
7. Take a walk/ run. This allows you to clear your mind and take control of your overall health.
8. Send your spouse on a men’s night out and get a sitter for the kids. (Read our men’s night out post for more details)
I hope that these few pointers will help you gain a few minutes of sanity in the busy life of being a mother and a wife. Comment below; let me know what you do for mommy/me time.
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