A few days ago at work, I told my coworker about our first date. As you see in the title it took place at McDonald’s. Don’t judge us! We were young, struggling college students on a budget.

Looking back I wouldn’t change it for anything. Since then we’ve graduated, got married, and begun our adult lives together. During each stage, date night has looked different.

After the big wedding day and all, I do’s are said and done. There is work to do. Once you’re married and both working full-time jobs things begin to change. You start to experience what life as an adult is really about, resulting in prioritized funds and limited time for dating. So today we’re giving you our top five money-saving date night ideas for busy couples on a budget.

Picnic in the park.

Pack a simple meal, including a dessert,  grab a blanket, and head out to your favorite park. This is an easy and free alternative to date night. Not to mention super romantic!

Our Top 5 Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas

Drive-thru movies

Most cities have drive-thru movies or local family movie nights. These are often free or very cheap. This is a great opportunity to get out and possibly mingle with other like-minded couples.

Host a couples game night

Invite your favorite couples over for a fun night of games, food, and beverages. This is a great way to stimulate conversation and exude great vibes with people your love.

Our Top 5 Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas

Cook dinner together

Go to the market and pick out your favorite meal. Or Pinterest a new recipe. Cooking together is a great way to spend one on one uninterrupted time. You both work as a team creating a delicious meal listening to some smooth tunes.

Netflix and Chill

Turn on your favorite show or rent a movie and just enjoy each other’s company.

Okay Daily Dose fam, these are our top 5 budget-friendly date night ideas. What are your favorite date night ideas? Leave them below in the comments.

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