It’s so amazing when your passion becomes your career. Especially when you’re doing it with the one you love. We are excited to have a special guest on our blog today! This couple is doing some amazing things with the talent God gave them. Keep reading to learn more about how they balance marriage, parenting, and building their dream career.

Heres a little background about Andrea and Geno Miller the creators of As Husband & Wife.


About Andrea: I grew up in Northern Michigan where I joined a theater group in the third grade who taught me everything I know about performing and really cultivated my different passions at a young age! I later went on to pursue music at a college in Chicago where a mutual friend of Geno and I introduced us to one another. We met, then tried to start a band which we ended up falling in love!

About Geno: My background is in my families church in Bellwood, IL. I grew up playing keys for Sunday mornings and all the while being exposed to gospel music, which has really shaped my playing now. There is something so unique about the complexities of that kind of music- it’s in my blood and in my writing. I’ve always loved all genres of music though and I’m excited to see how those influences will affect the melodies my wife and I write together.

I love how you infuse your faith and promote positivity in marriage with your music. How did you come up with the idea or concept for your brand? Who or what inspired you?

Our faith is who we are and it shapes everything. We both had a desire to see what it would be like to have Christian artists create music without being “Christian artists” if that makes sense- to have songs inspired by faith for listeners of all kinds. As worship leaders, we love to lead God’s people in worship but we also have a heart for those who may not want to step into the church. So we are able to use our songs and story as a witness to all kinds of people! There is a handful of artist that we follow who share a similar passion of bringing Christ to the world through the singer-songwriter genre and I think by observing them they influence us to continue to press on.

What sparked the creation of your name “As Husband & Wife”?

Geno was the one that came up with it- he thought about after the wedding ceremony when the officiant says “I now pronounce you husband & wife”. It made sense to us! You wouldn’t believe how many people ask us if we are actually married!

AH&W LOGO (Transparent)

When did you discover your love for music?

Geno: I knew I loved music at age 14, music and church were always apart of my life but I didn’t grasp all that it could mean until I started writing and diving deeper into the composting process.

Andrea: My mom would say I came out of the womb singing. So I guess you could say from a young age I loved musicals and putting on “shows” for my family. I started off dancing then joined a theatre group where I learned just about everything I know about performing and music. In middle school, I wrote my first song and from there I fell in love writing.

What was the deciding factor in becoming an entrepreneur and growing a brand with your spouse?

Geno comes from a family of entrepreneurs so it was only a matter of time before he would join in. Before we got married we both did music separately, then after we morphed the two musical backgrounds together, longing to continue to be creative. When our firstborn was about 1 year old, that’s when we decided to launch “As Husband & Wife”.

How do you balance marriage, parenting, and entrepreneurship?

Balancing it all is such a challenge- some days one takes precedence over the other. We are still trying to understand how to not always stay up till midnight doing work cause the kids are asleep!

How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music? What messages are you sharing with your music?

Most importantly we want people to know that they aren’t alone and that other people are walking through the same thing. We thread scripture throughout our songs because honestly, that is our lifeline. Our desire is that people are drawn to our story in hopes they see the greater story in place – the work of a loving God.

Do you have any advice for couples that are considering working in business together?

Marriage in a lot of ways resembles the partnership of a business- in order for a business to work, you have to communicate well and understand how each other works best. You have to find and play to the strengths of your partner so you can grow together. Always allow for grace when you mess up- cause you will! When you get married and have kids you talk through how you would like to raise them- casting a vision over your home, the same is with your business.

Name two things that motivate and drive you?

Geno: Failure drives me to find success, it happens often but I’m encouraged to find solutions. I also like to keep up with what’s current and old school sounds to help in my writing process.
Andrea: For me failure actually makes me want to crawl in a hole- ha! That’s why I’m glad I have him as my partner for life. I’m motivated by my sons, my hope is that they would see mom and dad using their gifts in the fruitful seasons and the seasons of drought.

Lastly, how can we stay connected with As Husband & Wife?

We have an email list you can sign up for on our website if you want us to email you every day every second with all of our life updates-just joking! We’re also on all the social media outlets…Instagram/Facebook/Youtube. You can also track us on bandsintown. 🙂

Click here to listen to our EP titled “remember”. (Avaliable on all digital outlets)

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