Marriage isn’t for the faint at heart. It takes patience, discipline, sacrifice, and a willingness to constantly forgive. Often times I sit back and I’m amazed at how far we’ve come as a couple and to have accomplished so much in a span of 7 years of marriage. We’ve had job promotions, worked corporate America, started our own brand, birthed our first child, made many purchases together, and have managed to keep peace in our home due to one simple fact…. Communication. Has it been perfect? No, but perfection is a personal perspective.

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Someone recently asked, “what was your biggest lesson in year one of your marriage?” Well, first I’ll say that it went by extremely fast. Secondly, Communication is essential. We learned this quickly. You have to keep in mind that your spouse is not a mind reader. He or she does not know what’s on your mind. Talk. Everything runs smoothly when you communicate and function on the same page. If you think she’s overspending on shoes and it’s affecting the budget let her know. If you think he spends too much time on social media and you’d like more alone time minus distractions, let him know. The best thing you can do for your relationship is having a conversation about how something you may not agree with may be affecting you. Those tough conversations create fertile ground for growth.

Once everything is laid out on the table you can then figure out how to adjust to make sure that everyone is happy.  You will have to compromise on somethings but that is all a part of the game. Ask yourself is it really worth the fight or can we hash this out and work out a deal where everyone wins.

It’s all about balance.

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It’s only natural that you have disagreements with your spouse. We’re all human. The most important thing to remember is that you’re on the same team. So make sure that your fight is fair. Take time to calm yourself and apologize when needed. Again, this is a great opportunity to talk things out and move forward.

The delivery of your message is really important as well. Be aware of your tone and how you approach your spouse with your concerns. You know your spouse better than anyone so keep in mind how she or he may react and adjust your tone for the situation at hand.

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Lastly, pray together. Cast all your cares on Him. We often like to indulge in a good devotional catered to whatever season in our life. There is nothing like spiritually growing with the love of your life. The word is a good reference and reassuring mechanism in marriage. Incorporating the word of God will give your marriage that extra boost. A power couple with the word of God inside them is unstoppable. Amen!

Married couples, let us know what you learned in year one of your marriage?

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