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When launching a business it is extremely important to have unified branding when it comes to your website, social media, and email marketing. This brings recognition to your company and positions you as an expert or professional. Canva has helped me create a cohesive brand for my company that spans across five platforms. Today I will share the top 3 features in Canva that helped me brand The Daily Dose 101 Blog. 

In this article we will cover the following: 

  1. Creating a logo
  2. Choosing your brand colors 
  3. Designing graphics with the same branding theme 

Create a logo 

Your logo is the signature for your band and in a small space, it defines your company. A logo is like a fingerprint for your business. It sets you apart from your competitors. Canva is a great place to create an easy and simple logo that will unify your brand. Once you log into Canva click the search bar at the top and type logo to discover tons of free templates. The good thing is that you are free to edit and redesign the templates to fit your desired look. 

Keep in mind that your logo can be used in email headers, social media graphics, flyers, and anything that you plan to use for marketing purposes. Your logo will make your brand more memorable and unique. 

Choose your brand colors

Along with your logo, your brand colors are another way to personalize your brand. Choose colors that relate to the thyme of your brand. We chose gender-neutral colors because our brand caters to both men and women. 

I love that Canva allows you to create a custom brand kit. With the brand kit feature, you can choose your brand colors, fonts, and upload your logo. 

Once you create your kit your branding will be readily available as you design your graphics.  

Design graphics with the same branding theme 

You’ve created a logo, chose your brand colors and fonts, now you need to design your brand. Canva makes this easy by offering thousands of templates, free stock photos, icons and much more. Using your brand colors create customer email headers, social media graphic, flyers, and business cards for your business. Don’t forget to use your logo! 

I hope this information was helpful. How will you use Canva to brand your business? 

Click here to sign up for Canva today and work on creating a more unified brand across all platforms. I highly recommend choosing Canva Pro to have access to more features and branding design options. 

Let us know if you have any questions below in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Branding 101: How to Create a Unified Brand Using Canva

  1. I love using Canva for my branding! I also keep a canva document with a set of around 5-7 instagram templates that I have ready made to add content to for each instagram post. This helps me keep a consistent feed and saves time designing each one!


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