With the new year, many tend to adjust old habits and work on creating new habits. 2020 brings on not only a new year but we are now walking into a new decade. With that being said some things you did in past years just won’t cut it if you want to progress in the new year.  Let’s talk about some habits that need to either continue or start in 2020 if you want to accomplish more.

10 Successful Habits You Need in 2020: 

  1. Express Gratitude
  2. Pray 
  3. Reflect and Visualize 
  4. Write a Journal 
  5. Create a to-do list 
  6. Value your health 
  7. Eat healthy foods 
  8. Love yourself 
  9. Forget about what others think 
  10. Make peace with your past

Express Gratitude

Wake up each morning with a heart of gratitude. Find 5 things you’re grateful for and thank God for them. Find someone to show gratitude to. This will shift your energy and allow you a productive day. 


Prayer helps you gain clarity and allow you to be more productive. Growing a closer relationship with the creator of life is the best solution when you’re looking for discernment.

Reflect and Visualize 

Take a step back and evaluate your journey. In most cases, you’ve had some form of progression over the past five years or so. Be grateful for the growth, take note of where you are now,  and take time to plan your next move. 

Write a Journal

Journaling can be therapeutic. Take time to write out your feelings, goals, and prayers. This is something you can look back and it will serve as a tracker. 

Create a to-do list 

Map out your plans by creating daily, weekly, and monthly todo list. 

Value your health

Focus on living a healthy life. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Most of all drink water! 

Love yourself 

Self-love is the best love. Map out time for self-care and me time. Do things that make you happy. 

Forget about what others think 

Don’t focus so much on the opinions of others. Mind your business. 

Make peace with your past

Forgive yourself for past mistakes and move forward. We’re all human. This is the only way you can grow. 

Show us some love in the comments. What habits will you take into 2020 to be more successful? 

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