I am so excited about today’s business spotlight. If you’ve been following our blog for a while you know that we love to feature and highlight other small businesses periodically. We recently interviewed Jessica Pitre the co-founder of Girlfriends Ink. 

Here’s what you should know about Jessica: 

Jessica is a mom of 3 sons, a 13-year-old and twins that are 6. Originally from California and relocated to Georgia to go to college. She has always been passionate about inspiring others and since she was young she dreamed of speaking to teen girls and women about different things she had overcome. She never really knew how she was going to do that but she always wanted to do something creative and just followed her desire to create which led to the ideas behind Girlfriends Ink.

Keep reading to learn more about Jessica and her stationary brand Girlfriends Ink. 

When did you first discover a love for entrepreneurship? Who or what inspired you most?

I have always been a hustler and entrepreneur at heart. Since I was a child I would literally call my relatives and ask them what I could go to their house to do to make some money. That became such a thing that every summer my grandma and her friends had a list of things for me to do and she would take me to each of their houses to do my little jobs. As someone who is more creative and free-thinking entrepreneurship always seemed like the path for me. Although I do not work as a full-time entrepreneur currently I know that one day I will reach my goal of only working for my own businesses.

I think it’s awesome that you’ve created and launched a business with your mother. How is it working alongside with your mom?

My mom is my best friend. You know, I haven’t always been able to say that. We have truly overcome so many obstacles in our relationship and it took us some time to get there. During some more dark periods in my life, I Just had to really ask myself was I ready to truly heal and move forward and I decided YES! so much healing and beauty can come when you decide to not hold on to the past. I love working alongside her because she is my biggest supporter. She believes in me and with her by my side we are able to create things together and put them into the world for others to see.

I love how your brand incorporates positive and inspirational messages. What inspired this theme?

Literally, since I was a young girl I always wanted to help someone somehow. I always wanted to help encourage someone to just keep going. There are so many times that I really felt I had nowhere to turn or no one to talk to and I would see some random (but also not random) message that would tell me to keep going. We just want to be that little extra boost of motivation that inspires other women who are trying to accomplish something, whether they are entrepreneurs, moms, teachers, or anything, to just keep going.

What is your favorite Girlfriends Ink product and why?

I literally use every product we have so this is hard. All of the products are creatively curated to provide an inspirational lifestyle, so whether you’re planning your week drinking coffee at work or sending a thank you note to a friend we have something for you.

Not only are you a talented entrepreneur but you’re a mom. How do you balance it all?

Ugh. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard. I think what helps give me balance is staying organized and doing what I know works for me. I personally love to plan and write out things for work, personal, and business. It helps me maintain my sanity. Like I tell people I operate best when organized lol! At times it can be stressful trying to find that balance but I allow myself to express those feelings but don’t give myself the option of giving up or quitting. I give myself time to be frustrated and then I make myself move forward.

Do you have any advice for other mompreneurs out there looking to start a small business?

I would say just go for it! Just do it! I am SO guilty of being too critical and hard on myself but I had to realize that every business every success story started somewhere and Trust me they ALL have made mistakes along the way and that is okay! Think about your idea and go for it and don’t let anyone tell you it can not be done. The first step is the hardest step but after they you will build momentum and confidence in what you are trying to accomplish. Bottom line, don’t doubt or underestimate yourself! You’re dope!

Name two things that motivate and drive your business?

It’s more than just stationery, we provide an inspirational lifestyle to women who dream big and we create goods that can help them stay inspired along the way.

Where can we learn more and connect with you in the future?

Girl, check us out at


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