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Your mental health is important especially during times of adversity and despair. A lot of us are busy working and juggling multiple things in life so it can be hard to stop and focus on our mental wellness. Remember to take a step back and set some time aside for yourself. Try to relax and surround yourself with things that bring you peace. Let’s focus on ways to show up for yourself and your personal well-being even during uncertain times.

Today we will cover: 

  1. How and when to seek help 
  2. The importance of exercise 
  3. Infusing good food into your routine
  4. How to focus on the good 
  5. Modifying your goals

How and when to seek help

Talking things out is amazing for your mental health and overall wellness. Don’t be afraid to seek unbiased help when needed. It’s always good to have someone nonjudgemental to talk to when you’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Most often this is not a family member or a friend. Be sure to check with your insurance provider for preferred counselor recommendations.

If you’re in the state of Georgia consider looking into Ray of Hope Counseling Services. They have therapists in Athens GA that specialize in individual sessions, groups, and family services. This could be great for your entire family. Let’s break the stigma behind seeking professional help when needed. It’s so important.

The importance of exercise 

When you exercise your body releases endorphins that help to relieve stress, improve your sleep, reduce anxiety, and more. Exercise is a great way to distance yourself from daily worries. It also helps to clear your skin.

I’ve recently entered a walking challenge with my sisters. For the month of June and July, we’ve challenged ourselves to walk 30 miles each month. This has really pushed me outside of my comfort zone but it has been worth it. A mile a day is all it takes and it is a great start to physical fitness.

If you’re a beginner like me, don’t focus so much on the formalities of the workout but more on the actual movement. Get started and build momentum. You got this. 

Infusing good food into your routine 

Food can either help or hurt the situation. Keep in mind that food should be used as fuel, not pleasure. The occasional treat is okay, but try not to overdo it. I made a huge change in my diet a little over a year ago which has helped me mentally and physically. I decided to transition to vegetarian and quickly realized that my body requires more protein so I added seafood and became pescatarian. It’s been a year now and I have really enjoyed it. 

Of course, eat what makes you happy whether it’s eating meat or vegetables. Just be sure to cut back on the junk food focus and focus on eating a nice, clean diet.

How to focus on the good 

It’s so easy to focus on the negative. Try your best to focus on good things in your life. Surround yourself with positive energy and positive people. Find a good music playlist, download a good motivational podcast, indulge in a good bible plan on the Youversion app, and make a list of positive affirmations to read each day. 

Happiness comes from within and you have to be very intentional about protecting it. If something is causing you to feel less than happy, find a way to remove yourself from it. 

I find that journaling is a great way to release stress. Write down your feelings. Create a list of ways to better improve yourself and how you approach stress. 

Modifying your goals

I know that a lot is going on in the world but there is still room to focus on completing some of those outstanding goals you had on your list before the pandemic. This could also be a great way to recharge your mental state and create something you’ve always wanted. With so many things distracting us we can still work towards achieving our goals. 

Meeting your goals might look a little different now with all that is going on but don’t count things out. Keep pushing. 

I hope this was helpful to you. Let me know in the comments below your next action steps for improving your overall mental health in 2020.

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