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The pandemic has allowed me to spend more time than normal focusing on self-care and personal awareness. I’ve discovered new ways to grow my natural hair using protective styling and I am happy to share what I know. 

I’m excited to be collaborating with Edge Naturale to share my top four tips to help you maintain healthy hair during any season of the year. Keep reading to learn what I love about their products and how they made it to my list of must-haves. 

4 Ways to Grow Your Natural Hair Using Protective Styling: 

#1 Use a moisturizer before doing a protective hairstyle 

You want to make sure that your natural hair is nourished and in good health before installing a protective style. I love to start with a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner combination followed by a good leave-in conditioner. This ensures that the foundation of my style will protect my hair from any potential damage. 

#2 Nitetime protection 

You have to think about your hair care even at night. Purchase a silk or satin scarf or bonnet to protect your hair overnight. Using a headwrap also helps your hair retain moisture and keeps it safe from any damage caused by friction from your pillow or sheets. 

#3 Give your edges some T.L.C.

Your edges are the most delicate part of your hair. They are often exposed to tension and are prone to more damage than other areas of your hair. I love to use products like Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer to moisturize my edges while using protective styles because it smells amazing and it also provides tons of nurturance.  

I accepted this collaboration after reading the ingredients on the label of this product. I’m very cautious about what I put inside and outside my body. Knowing that a product is safe to use and nontoxic is a huge plus.

I also love that this company is a small business.  

#4 Hydrate, eat well, and live well  

I know you’ve heard the saying… You are what you eat. Well… it is true! In order to have healthy hair, you have to have a healthy mind and body. Focus on what you take into your body. Drink water, exercise, and do what makes you happy. 

I hope these tips helped you! Let me know in the comments below if you’re currently doing any of the following to promote healthy hair growth. 

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