Hindsight vs. Foresight

Hello Dailydose family! I apologize for sitting on this post for quite some time.  While spending a few precious moments with a favorite Uncle, he asked me a few questions:  “Do you know the difference between hindsight and foresight?"  I paused to reflect for a moment and Uncle Pelham interjected and said hindsight is knowing … Continue reading Hindsight vs. Foresight

Have a Seat at Our Table

We’ve been focusing a lot on topics surrounding family and today I have a question for you all. What is a staple in your home? What’s one thing or event that holds your family together? One of our subscribers recently asked a question; what was our key to keeping a happy or successful marriage?  My … Continue reading Have a Seat at Our Table

Entrepreneur Spotlight with Bradley Green

    Hi guys! We are back with another entrepreneur spotlight. This is the third segment of our series that highlights individuals who aren’t afraid to take a leap of faith to achieve their dreams. Today we’re shining our light on Bradley Green, owner of the Ice Cart.  He’s a bass guitar playing, Georgia native … Continue reading Entrepreneur Spotlight with Bradley Green