We’ve been focusing a lot on topics surrounding family and today I have a question for you all. What is a staple in your home? What’s one thing or event that holds your family together? One of our subscribers recently asked a question; what was our key to keeping a happy or successful marriage?  My answer was centered on family because a happy home holds the most value to me. When everyone under your roof is happy it reflects in other areas such as your marriage, work, and how you interact with people outside of the home.

Earlier, I asked what is necessary for your home to function properly; meaning something that keeps your home happy, filled with joy, and balanced. For our family, it is the kitchen table. Why? This place holds so much value because this is where we pray, eat, agree or disagree, teach, love and even learn.  Naturally, we eat as a family every single day at the table. This is a no phone and no technology zone. We talk about our day, create plans for the future, and have a staring contest lol. Share smiles and take advantage of the time at hand. Even as a little girl, this is something that my family embraced. It has currently passed down to my own little family.

I think it is healthy to share uninterrupted time with family and friends. This gives you a chance to really enjoy the moment and tap into much-needed opportunities to gain knowledge and express ourselves. How was life before technology advancements and social media? Think about how much has changed since the times when our parents and grandparents were growing up.  Back then you actually had to remember a phone number or have it written down somewhere. I can actually remember my great-grandmother’s address book. She would ask me to look up a relative’s number so she could call them.  This also makes me think of how things will be once our little one grows up. She has no idea what a cassette tape is or a CD for that matter.  What is life without WIFI and Bluetooth for younger generations?

I know this is random but these are things that cross my mind from time to time. This brings me back to my original point. We don’t really like to see our princess get so sucked into her tablet watching YouTube videos all day so we limit her usage and replace it with good old fashion quality one on one family time. We pull out puzzles, flash cards, games, and hands-on crafts. I love to watch her little brain work and how she gets so excited when she learns something new. Let me know below if you would like to see more details about toddler activities and how we had her reading before the age of two.

Again, thank you for stopping by the blog today. Show some love below in the comments. Let us know what is a staple in your home?

2 thoughts on “Have a Seat at Our Table

  1. Great! I love how you all have family bonding time. According to research, family bonding time increases communication skills. So many people don’t even look up from their phones when sitting in the room with family. This blog is awesome!


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