Hello Dailydose family! I apologize for sitting on this post for quite some time.  While spending a few precious moments with a favorite Uncle, he asked me a few questions:  “Do you know the difference between hindsight and foresight?”  I paused to reflect for a moment and Uncle Pelham interjected and said hindsight is knowing what you could have done differently after a situation, and foresight is understanding how it was done by others.

Sounds like a pretty simple explanation, right?  But my mind jogged so much from that simple question from a seasoned and savvy gentleman.  There have been many times that I have raced through situations without seeking the best wisdom or even executing persistent patience.  We all wish we could do some things differently and have a mulligan every once in a while.  I can honestly say I’m not proud of some things I have done.  Particularly the duration of my college career, but those experiences and pitfalls have shaped my character today.  Gaining foresight has been little trickier, but it is so rewarding when that vision and knowledge is available.

I have had a pretty interesting career in social work so far and several opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals.  The most intriguing aspect that I have learned is that there are a lot of people that aren’t willing to share what they know.  You know what I mean, right?  The everyone for themselves workplace or you’ll find out later scenarios.  We all have an opportunity to help the next person better themselves in some way.  Maybe through encouragement, sharing an experience that worked out in our favor, or just simply being a good listener.  Helping others can be so rewarding and turn into a wonderful blessing if we are sincere. 

Understand that some mistakes may happen along the way, but consider them as trials that are testing our character and faith.  I have a former colleague whose brain I always tried to pick for knowledge and he would simply say “seek knowledge and stay motivated”.  A pretty simple statement, but there are several layers to his comment.  How are you keeping yourself motivated and how are you seeking knowledge?  How are you seeking “healthy knowledge”?  I hope my post today stimulated your thoughts about hindsight and foresight. 

Thank you, Uncle Pelham, for all the great the conversations and sharing one simple question that put a lot of things into perspective. 



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